Hanlon Smokehouse Traditional Smoked Salmon 800g

Hanlon Smokehouse Traditional Smoked Salmon 800g

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Our salmon is smoked using the finest beech wood sourced from sustainable forests. Smoked to our 170 year old family recipe, each salmon is carefully hand filleted and pin boned to guarantee that both the quality and freshness of the fish is preserved. We hand cure our salmon using minimum salt to enhance the natural subtle flavour. No colourings or additives are used during our smoking process.

Additional Information
Storage: Before opening, the product can be stored in a fridge up to the best before date. Once opened, store in a fridge and consume within 48 hours. Our product can be frozen but this may effect quality so best to tuck in straight away! Consume within 1 month of freezing.
Will Feed: Will feed 10 to 12 people depending on how the product is used.
Best Before Date: Approximately 21 days from Date of Dispatch.
Price Per Kilo €30.00 per kilo
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